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Santa's Express, Simmershofen, 10-17 December 2011

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Note about these photos:- These photos were provided by our members. We do not accept any responsibility for the photos. If you have any objections to a particular photo, email the webmaster (see the link at the bottom of the page) and the photo will be removed.

Nurenburg (Photo by K Batten - ref 1479)
Nurenburg (photo ref 1479, by K Batten)

Santas Express (Photo by C Batten - ref 1480)
Santas Express (photo ref 1480, by C Batten)

Santas Express (Photo by Aubrey Thomas - ref 1515)
Santas Express (photo ref 1515, by Aubrey Thomas)

Steiff (Photo by K Batten - ref 1481)
Steiff (photo ref 1481, by K Batten)

Sunrise at Simmershofen (Photo by K Batten - ref 1482)
Sunrise at Simmershofen (photo ref 1482, by K Batten)

Whirligig in Ansbach (Photo by C Batten - ref 1483)
Whirligig in Ansbach (photo ref 1483, by C Batten)

Wurzburg Christmas Market (Photo by Aubrey Thomas - ref 1514)
Wurzburg Christmas Market (photo ref 1514, by Aubrey Thomas)

You gotta keep warm (Photo by Aubrey Thomas - ref 1516)
You gotta keep warm (photo ref 1516, by Aubrey Thomas)

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