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Karneval Time Again, Recreatiecentrum De Schatberg, Sevenum, Holland, 7-17 February 2013

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Note about these photos:- These photos were provided by our members. We do not accept any responsibility for the photos. If you have any objections to a particular photo, email the webmaster (see the link at the bottom of the page) and the photo will be removed.

Dressed up and ready to go (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2228)
Dressed up and ready to go (photo ref 2228, by Kath Batten)

 (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2229)
(photo ref 2229, by Kath Batten)

Finished Cloggs (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2230)
Finished Cloggs (photo ref 2230, by Kath Batten)

Guess Who (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2231)
Guess Who (photo ref 2231, by Kath Batten)

Happy Birthday Bill (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2232)
Happy Birthday Bill (photo ref 2232, by Kath Batten)

Karneval Time Again (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2233)
Karneval Time Again (photo ref 2233, by Kath Batten)

Kinderdijk Windmills (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2234)
Kinderdijk Windmills (photo ref 2234, by Kath Batten)

Morning Wake Up Call (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2235)
Morning Wake Up Call (photo ref 2235, by Kath Batten)

SECC at Maastrict (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2236)
SECC at Maastrict (photo ref 2236, by Kath Batten)

Sevenum Carnival (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2237)
Sevenum Carnival (photo ref 2237, by Kath Batten)

Snow White and her Dwarfs (Photo by Kath Batten - ref 2238)
Snow White and her Dwarfs (photo ref 2238, by Kath Batten)

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