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To all Rally Marshal’s and Members, we have been advised by the Caravan and Motor Home club of the clubs wish to follow the Government’s Guidance note above.

To enable this guidance to be met by the centre the existing Rally Booking and Record sheet and the existing Balance sheet in the Marshal’s documentation area of the web site have been replaced with new spread sheets titled

  • Booking Sheet with SITE FEE VAT Variance (COVID 19)
  • Balance Sheet with SITE FEE VAT Variance (COVID 19)

Both these sheets are to be filled in, in the usual manner but have been formulated to calculate the relevant VAT payable by the centre member for site fees 5% and other costs (Admin, Plaques, Social Fee, Rally Fee) 20%.

Using the “Booking Sheet with SITE FEE VAT Variance (COVID 19)” will calculate the costs for the rally envelope (members cost).

Using the “Balance Sheet with SITE FEE VAT Variance (COVID 19)” Left Hand side will calculate the same totals as the booking sheet.

Now when we come to pay the landowner and filling in the right-hand side of the Balance sheet, Marshal’s are asked to be aware that the notes from Government are for guidance and not mandatory.  This means that landowners that charge VAT may choose to accept the 5% VAT rate on the site fee or may insist on the 20% rate.

With School’s etc, that don’t charge VAT and Landowners that charge 5% VAT when using the above-mentioned sheets, the Marshal will have charged the correct VAT (5% on site fee) for the centre to pay the Caravan and Motorhome club VAT rates.  The cost payable to the school/Landowner etc is to be entered in the Right-hand side of the Balance sheet as normal.

With Land owners that still insist on the 20% VAT rate on Site Fee’s the Marshal is asked to pay the landowner when applicable the Site Fee plus the requested 20% VAT rate, from the funds received from rally members.  Please ask for a receipt and VAT registration number.  The full amount paid to the landowner is then entered into the right-hand side of the balance sheet.  Please add a comment on the VAT rate paid i.e. 5% or 20% on site fee.

There should always be enough funds in the payments to Rally Marshal to cover the eventuality of a landowner expecting 20% vat on site fees, although the rally marshal has only charged the members 5% on site fees. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer or a member of the Committee.


Trevor Powell has kindly offered to host a Quiz Night for the Centre on Saturday 17th April. Join in for another fun evening with South Essex. A further chance to see and chat with some of your lovely friends, as we look forward to being able to get back out on the Rally field from next Month. The Zoom session will open at 7:30pm with the Quiz starting at 8:00. As usual, to register please send an e.mail to  and put “April Quiz” in the title. Please support our latest Quiz maker, for another sociable evening with the Centre.


If you ever received a phone call, and you were unable, or too slow to pick up, the message would always start, “Hi, it’s Phil, Phil Goldspink…  Phil Goldspink and his lovely wife Jeannette joined the South Essex Centre in 2009, and from early on you could tell how enthusiastic, and keen to please he was. When I say ‘joined’, I guess technically he rejoined, because he had previously rallied with the South Essex Centre, along with his Mum and Dad in the early 1980’s. Within no time at all Phil was running rallies and in 2013 joined the committee. In 2014 he took on the not unsubstantial role of Rally Secretary, and when his first Rally Book was published, with over 100 rallies, you could see that his ‘aim to please’ and ‘attention to detail’, was coming to the fore. Phil was not only the Rally Sec, but also bought his passion and energy to other committee business, a real asset to the Chairman of the day. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Phil, and he always found time for other members. After three years Phil reluctantly gave up his position as Rally Sec, because the Centre needed a new Secretary, and he was honoured to be asked if he would step into this position. Again, Phil gave his all to this role, and was heard to say, on more than one occasion, I want to be the best secretary I can for the Centre, and indeed the Centre could ask no more. Anybody that knew Phil, would know how seriously he took this important role, and many within the Club, even outside of South Essex, will acknowledge how good he was at it, but Phil being Phil, always being respectful and diplomatic. An all-round ‘Good Guy’.

Whilst Phil clearly put a lot into the Centre, it was equally obvious that he took a great deal from belonging to this wonderful club. He enjoyed the life, he enjoyed the camaraderie, and he enjoyed Rallying. I believe one of his greatest achievements, in his own mind, was the year in which he attended 46 Rallies, and as with prior years, he could be seen as the Main Marshal, an Assistant Marshal, or doing his bit as a committee member on many of these Rallies. As mentioned previously Phil always made time for others, be it on the rally field, or on the other end of the Phone.

A few years ago, Phil started to develop a debilitating bad back. At first, he put it down to so many years of looking down on his Wife! If you knew Phil you would know that this was not meant in a derogatory way, Phil idolized his wife, and Jeannette, he was Crazy for you. The expression came about because Phil was over six foot tall. . . and Jeannette, well if not under four foot, she is very close. Alas . . this was not to be the real reason, no matter how tongue-in-cheek, or how little Phil tried to make of it, he was diagnosed with what is effectively Cancer of the spine. Phil and Jeannette were obviously devastated, but soon picked themselves up, and entered into the treatments, trying to be as positive as possible. He had an Operation, then later sessions of Radiotherapy ensued, followed by a last ditch of intense Chemo. During this time Phil continued to carry out his responsibilities as Centre Secretary, and when able would, with a great deal of help from Jeannette, and others, bring his beloved caravan out onto a rally. As mentioned, whilst the number of Rallies Phil managed to attend diminished out of necessity, he did not let it effect his passion to fulfil all of his duties, and much more, for the Centre. He continued to be there for everyone, always found time, and a way, to help others.

I also know that during his time as Secretary, he was a great support to the Chair. If, and when, (and any Past Chair will know that occasionally it does happen), there was a problem in the Centre, the Chair would confide in Phil. Phil would go away, do the necessary research, and then come back to say “I will give you two answers, the first as the Secretary to the Centre, and then as a friend . . . . . Phil, we all miss you, as a valued member of our committee, but most of all as a FRIEND. Thanks for everything. Rest In Peace.


Hi all, hope you are all well, it has come to my attention that although John has sent the rally paperwork, there is some documentation that is missing, like this years plaque order forms, booking forms, attendance sheets etc ; The Marshals Paperwork in the Members area has been updated and you should now find all the paperwork you need. If you find you are short on anything including envelopes please contact me and I will help where I can.

Dave Gray, Rally Secretary


The March draw of the 100 Club took place at the March Zoom Committee Meeting.

The winners were:

1st number was 66 and the owner will receive a cheque for £15

2nd number was 13 and the owner will receive a cheque for £10

Congratulations to them all.

This was the fifth draw of this years 100 Club. The next draw will take place on the 28th April 2021 at the Committee Meeting taking place on Zoom.


It has been decided, at this months Zoom Committee Meeting, that from the rally, “Blasford Hill Fishery – 30th April – 3rd May 2021” until and including “More Saturday Night at the Movies – 24th – 26th September 2021” you will need to attend five rallies to receive your Fellowship Plaque.