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A selection of photo's are provided by our members. We do not accept any responsibility for the photos. If you have any objections to a particular photo, email the webmaster (see the link at the bottom of the page) and the photo will be removed.

These are grouped in annual sections - just click on a thumbnail to see the main image.

Submitting photos or videos
If you would like to share your rally pictures, please email them with details of the event to the  webmaster for inclusion. We will do our best to show as many as we can. Please size them to 640 x 425 pixels and send them in .jpg format if possible. If you want a caption under the photo, please change the photo's file name to the caption you want displayed. Please note there is a maximum e-mail size limit of 15MB.

For videos, please click here

Note about the photos you submit:- Please ensure that the people in the photos know you will be submitting the photos and have no objection to them being shown on this website. You are the person responsible for the photo's content. If you would not like a similar photo of you shown here, then the photo is probably not suitable to be shown here. Please send your photos to the webmaster with details of where and when they were taken along with the statement that the photos are yours and that you have checked, as far as reasonably possible, that the main people in the photos do not object to them being shown here.




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