About Us

The South Essex Centre is one of 70 Centres of the Caravan and Motorhome Club throughout the UK. We are also part of the Anglia Region, of which there are 10 Regions in the UK. As a Caravan and Motorhome Club member you are entitled to register with a Centre of your choice. However, should you not wish to join a Centre, you can still attend any rally of your choice. Centre registration lasts for one year, and has to be renewed each year. Registration to a Centre is free. To find out more about our committee Click Here.

What is a Rally

A rally is a gathering of friends. Since the South Essex Centre first formed there have been in the region of 4000 rallies held over weekends, holidays and Bank holidays. We hold rallies throughout the year including Christmas and New Year. To explain a bit further as to what a rally actually is. Normally a weekend rally will start on a Friday afternoon/evening. If necessary you can of course arrive on Saturday.

When you arrive at the venue, which may be a school, field or maybe a stately home, you will be greeted by the marshal who is running the rally. More about the marshal later. The marshal will give you an envelope which details the cost of the weekend. Inside the envelope will be the programme for the weekend and maybe a quiz for you to complete if you wish and a Rally plaque for the event.

Although the marshal may have laid on a programme for the weekend you are under no obligation to take part in anything that you do not wish to.

When you arrive on the rally field the marshal will show you to where you will be sited. They will also let you know where the water tap is, where you can empty your waste water and where the elsan point is situated. Should you have any questions or problems during the rally the marshal will be able to help you.

During the summer months a communal bbq is often a common sight. If a hall is available then there maybe a disco run by a Centre member, quiz night, Chinese auction, talent night, live entertainment, the list goes on and on. On some rallies food may be provided on the Saturday evening. This can be a buffet, American supper or even a cooked meal. Some rallies cater more for children, like “The Children’s Christmas Party” but they are always made welcome on any rallies. We also hold rallies where the theme is on Sports.

On Sunday morning a meeting called “flagpole” is held usually around 11.00 o’clock. This is where a Committee member will thank the marshals for the weekend and let everyone know of any news. Tea and coffee will be available. The rally finishes Sunday afternoon.

Who is a Marshal

The marshal is the person who has agreed to take on the responsibility of running the rally on behalf of the South Essex Centre. The marshal will usually have one or two assistant marshals to help with the organisation of the weekend. Marshals are normal ralliers who DO NOT get paid for putting on the rally. They pay the same as everyone else on the rally.