A Couple of updates to inform you of in relation to your Centre:

Last weekend, along with a few other units from South Essex, Marion & I attended the Rally put on by the Anglia Region at Banham. This incorporated a ‘Question Time’ session with representatives from the Caravan & Motorhome Club, being Director General Nick Lomas, Vice Chair Greg Potter and Charles Patrick who is on the clubs Technical committee. I am pleased to be able to report to Centre Members that this was one of the most positive, open and honest, sessions that I have been present at. Nick Lomas explained how the club operates, and that there are several strands which they need to balance, including, Club Sites, the network of Certified Locations, Insurance Services, and representing members with the Manufacturers, and of course Centres & Rallying. He also spoke honestly about the recent Cyber Security Issue. Apparently the intrusion had been from a Russian Organisation, but they had only been able to access some Policy Numbers and Names of people who insure with the club. Whilst this should not have been possible, no other personal details were obtained. The Club took the decision to close the site immediately, and whilst the issue was addressed within five days, they took a further five days to completely scrub the system, and put in extra security. 10 days may seem a long while, however apparently a lot of similar attacks have taken large organisations much longer to resolve.

Spoke about developments at CAMC Club Sites, particularly expansion of Sandringham. Somebody asked about a CAMC site in Essex, Nick Lomas said it is on their radar, but no sites available at present where likely to get planning permission.

The subject of renewing Driving Licenses after 70 years of age was discussed. If you don’t do anything you will lose the automatic right to drive over 3.5 ton (combination of Car & Caravan, or large Motorhome). If approaching this age you should apply, you will need a Doctors letter to say you are fit to drive (cost currently £50 ?). Advise was that you need to do it in plenty of time, by post. Strange in todays world, but if you do it on line you will lose the over 3.5 ton category.

Another interesting aspect was that there were ‘Non-Centre’ members present, who did not seem to appreciate the benefits of joining a Centre, so they were informed and encouraged to join a Centre. Marion & I then went in to promotion mode and spent some time talking to one couple in particular, who live in Essex, so here’s hoping. It goes to show how important it is to ‘spread the word’.

All in All, very worthwhile attending. Whilst I hope this gives you all a flavour and an update, I would encourage anyone to attend future events such as this. It can be informative, and better to get the information first hand.

Six Week Booking. As you will remember the subject of the Six Week Booking date for Weekend Rallies had been raised in the Mainly Marshals forum back in January. Since then Janice has asked for opinions and comments from members. This was discussed at our Committee meeting last night. We need to speak to a few people first, but I will look to update you shortly.

Hope to see you on a rally soon