Good morning all. I have not given an update for a few weeks, but I am pleased to see things are going well in the Centre. Marion and I hosted Love the Lambeth walk which went very well. I have written an article which Beverley Walker has sent to the CAMC magazine, so hopefully we will get this published in a future edition. The following week was the Barn Dance Hop run by past chairmen’Sue and Paul Maran, assisted by our most recent past Chair Will Thursby and Penny, which by all accounts was another great rally. Then Marion and I attended St David’s day rally run by Aubrey and Linda Thomas, this was very enlightening, entertaining and enjoyable. Steve and Angie Thomas took ralliers for another Walk around the Water this weekend, with hospitalities at the White Horse. I have kept in touch with several members, and attended the funeral of Edna Jewell on Friday. Hopefully Spring is now just around the corner, and we can look forward to getting out onto some rally fields and enjoy the Sun. Our next big event is the Dinner Dance on 13th April, once again being held at the County Hotel in Chelmsford. We have live entertainment from ‘Lovely’, who performed for us and was enjoyed by many at last years Chairman’s rally. The dinner dance is a great event and gives us a chance to dress up and enjoy a more formal evening. You can either come onto the rally, where transport is arranged to and from the venue, or join us at the County Hotel on the Saturday. It would be great to have a few more bookings to see members enjoying yourselves and supporting your Centre. There is a link on the front page of our Web site. Either log on, or give me a call. Remember, as your proud Chairman, I am always here for anybody who wishes to discuss anything. Looking forward to seeing you on a rally soon.